about lit

illuminating individuality,
kindling strength

The word “lit” encapsulates the central
idea to glow and to shine.
Through our
course development, we aspire to
illuminate the individual strengths of each active member in the retail and service
sector, kindling a collective spark in your
organization. By considering the various
aspects and foundations that form the
core of retail management, we aim to
deliver a comprehensive and all-rounded
educational experience.

learning & luxury
Embark on an enriching educational journey through learning and discovery.
individuals & ideas
Flourish with novel ideas through inculcating unity in diversity, encouraging
individuality while molding the company’s strength.
training & talents
Unearth, acknowledge, and strengthen individual talents through our
conscientious training and consultation programs.


Tailored specifically to the unique
standings of each individual company,
aim to deliver an enriching and
comprehensive learning experience, one
that nurtures fresh ideas and identifies
individual talents in the process.