training & workshop

Key concepts and skills training - these
two elements form the core of our curriculum.
We aim to equip the knowledge and
prowess that would translate to tangible
and immediate results. Our programs are
also crafted with continuity and long-term
learning in mind as we seek to shape and
nurture a dynamic staff team.

retail vision &

team vision[1day]

Through ascertaining and
establishing the
aspirations for the store or for individual
members will come together as they strive towards their shared goals. With this
new formulated vision in mind, individuals
strive to gain a more enjoyable working
experience. Customers, as well as the team
finer in-store experience.

customer service &
sales process[1day]

Gain in-depth knowledge of the sales
approach behind an enriching consumer
experience while learning to elevate your
brand image as a sales representative in the
process. We seek to polish and ingrain this as a tangible skill.

communication style[1day]

Through the mastery of three
styles, acquire the skill to attune yourself to
each different individual you encounter. Gain
the ability to build trust as you nurture lasting
relationships with a variety of people.


professionalism for her[4hours]

“I was never taught that,” - this is a common
sentiment expressed among many
professional women. By simple virtue of
knowing such unspoken etiquette rules, learn
to carry yourself with the wit and grace needed to maneuver various situations.

service etiquette[1day]

Learn to maneuver customer engagement by ascertaining the proper spoken mannerisms and posture required in the process. Grasp
the basics of effective communication to
create a pleasant environment for your
costumers as well as those around you.

retail management & leadership


Master the art of effective and
communication through our workshop.
Acquire the skill to implement swift yet
effective meetings and training sessions by
recognizing the prompt planning process
behind executing such morning conferences
and instructional processes.


Streamline the process of
imparting the
necessary knowledge and foundational skills
needed in the employee cultivation process.
We seek to polish your coaching skills,
bringing you towards your overarching team
goal while inculcating the nuances of
coaching a diverse variety of individuals
in the process.

time management[1day]

Understand the time management prowess
required to empower your team and lead
growth. Learn to maximize task delegations
while having your respective team members’
individual standings in mind. We aim to
unlock the secrets to such revitalizing
management processes.

critical thinking[1day]

Learn to exercise critical thinking when faced with challenges. Overcome them in a swift
and efficient manner by seeking simple yet
rational solutions through active thinking
and assessment. Infusing a positive momentum into the changing dynamism of the business world, we strive to stimulate continuous and asting upward performances for businesses.

training the trainer[1day]

We seek to guide you through the meticulous planning, preparation, execution, and
evaluation in the training process. Elevate
from an “I know how” state-of-mind as we
instill the confidence needed for you to firmly ascertain “I can do it”. Our course, built and
crafted through strategic formulation, aims to leave a lasting impact as we mold and shape
the trainers of tomorrow.

consulting & seminar

Our carefully crafted programs are tailored specifically to each of our clients in
accordance with your individual corporate
strategy, image, and performance

  • planning and implementing
    educational development programs
  • localization of foreign educational